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The Final Run of $35 Character Commission (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2012, 5:40 AM

The Final Run of $35 Charcter Commission (CLOSED)

Last Year I conducted the Final Run for the $35 Character Commission before I increase my Commission Rates this year 2012.

My Price Raise this quarter has nothing to do with my quality work but rather due to Paypal and Bank Fees that punches me.Another one is because the Dollar currency is also declining against our Peso.

Do not worry, I only raise $5 in all my commission rates. I always wanted my art to be accessible to all my supporters. :)

Anyway here's the result of the $35 Character Commission Final Run:

Commission: Octo Lady by johnbecaroCommission: Thunderbird 2 by johnbecaroCommission: LUCY by johnbecaro
Commission: MAE DAY by johnbecaroCommission: Cougar Girl by johnbecaroCommission: Electric Dancer by johnbecaro
Commission: LADY MONA by johnbecaroCommission: APOCALYSE by johnbecaroCommission: Pirate Mermaid by johnbecaro
Commission: SHUKI by johnbecaroSeason's Greetings from CLARA by johnbecaroCommission: DEV by johnbecaro
Commission: Dustin Stryker by johnbecaroCommission: RAITH by johnbecaroCommission for  d1znee by johnbecaro
Commission: Karen Grimlight by johnbecaroCommission: Unbound Oni by johnbecaroCommission: Vision of Loveliness by johnbecaro
Commission: ARC Rogue by johnbecaroCommission: NEREIDIA by johnbecaroCommission: The Lost Ghost by johnbecaro
Commission: DEATHWATCH by johnbecaroCommission: DEF FORCE by johnbecaroCommission: DAGGER as Hound by johnbecaro

Some pending, on-going and are actively
part of this listing:
Status Updates here:
(more updates over the week)

The 35 Character Commission (Promotional)
includes a full color Single character with NO/ White
background only. Characters can be your own characters or existing favorite characters from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc.

Mode of Payment: PAYPAL
Preferably Upfront Payments
Some Notes:

1. Please seek approval of your commission from me first   before you pay me.

2. Please do not demand my time to immediately respond if its nothing of   importance related to your commission.

3. Please do not deprived me from earning a decent living by comparing the completion of your commission to other commissions who was completed and posted in my gallery way before you realized they were completed or paid before you were listed.

4. Please see my Work process below this journal,  so that you may have an idea how this artworks went through before completed.


:bulletorange::target: 4TH RUN (CLOSED)

Commission: A lady demon by johnbecaroCommission: RAELITH by johnbecaroCommission: Jack Matthews by johnbecaroCommission: TIAMAT 2 by johnbecaro:

Mature Content

Commission: SPIDER VIXEN by johnbecaro
Commission: Lady Liberty by johnbecaro

:bulletorange::target:SEE MORE HERE


:bulletorange::target: 3RD RUN (CLOSED)
Commission: NIKE IX _4 by johnbecaroCommission: DARK STAR by johnbecaroCommission: Neutrino Bombshell by johnbecaro
:bulletorange::target:SEE MORE HERE >>>


:bulletorange::target: 2ND RUN (CLOSED)

WONDER WOMAN_Bride of Brainiac by johnbecaroCommission: AEGIS 2 by johnbecaroCommission: GWYNEVRE by johnbecaro
:bulletorange::target:SEE MORE HERE >>>


:bulletorange::target: 1ST RUN  :
Commission: NIGHTCAT by johnbecaroCommission: BackStreet by johnbecaroCommission:KATHERYNE by johnbecaro
:bulletorange::target:SEE MORE HERE >>>


:bulletred: The Promotional
 Fund raising Character

Commission: CHUN LI by johnbecaroCommission: BLACK CAT by johnbecaroCommission: BLACK WIDOW 2 by johnbecaro
Commission: Invisible Woman 2 by johnbecaro

Mature Content

Commission: SPIDERWOMAN 2 by johnbecaro
Cmision:TITANIA of Fear Itself by johnbecaro

:bulletorange::target:SEE MORE HERE >>>


Percentage Completion is based alone from
my own work processing (may vary from
complexity of different artworks, but this
is the usual percentage) .

for confirmation - unpaid or no details sent
processing -     commission details encoded
10% -              thumbnail studies
20% -              actual size sketching
30% -              pencilling (inking can be added here)
10% -              scanning and digital preparation
10% -              color flats
20% -              Rendering colors
10% -              finalization (digital lay-outs,quality checking,
                   edits/corrections, etc.)

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Submitted on
February 10, 2012