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$25 Promo Commission is Temporary CLOSED

Reminder: Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of my service below before signing up. Thank You.

Something came up at home and I badly need immediate funds to cover them including some immediate bills ( eminent eviction alert). It's been months that I haven't open my commissions publicly due to workloads,  projects and personal Life (which was full of up and down times). Last time, I have to closed and didn't accept more from my promo commissions due to time straints and job-related reasons. Anyway, below is the details for the Promo Commission which will now have a 7 months turn over  allotment ( December 2014-July 2015). This will be my only promo commission withinthis time period and will not accept after the 20-30 slots quota is reached. Due to economic condition and the rising commodities here in my country, I might also raise and adjust some of my Standard Commissions including the $50,  $40 , $25 (Bust) which will be announced when I get the chance.

:target: My $25 Promo Commission is now OPEN (7 slots more)

The $25 Promo Commission includes a full color Single character similar to the samples given below. Characters can be your own characters (O.C.s)
or existing favorite characters from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc. 

Turn around period: 7 months
Promo Duration: Immediate

Mode of Payment: PAYPAL
Preferably Upfront Payments

Please send note or email me at johnbecaro(at)yahoo(dot)com if interested and for more inquiries.  1-6 artworks only per person/slot
(This List is random and will not always be in order) . Number of slots will also vary depending on the number of overall artworks that are ordered.

Random List:
1. DarkAngel1024 (1) paid 2.) TwinSwordsAyvuir (1)_done paid 3. PyroTwilight (2)_done paid 4). midanny_on going (6) paid  
5.) caljedi1_50%done (1) paid  6.) yurixthewanderer_done(1)paid 7.)  Maelora69_on going (6)(paid) 7.)SouthernNerd_done (1) paid
8.) deadpooldisassembled_on going (1) paid 9.) Perfidus_90%done (1)  paid 10.)  death-tribble_on going (2)paid 11.) 
 Izod1337 _on going(1)paid
12.) Chris via email_done (2) 13.) LadyDramMaker-done (1)paid


P Commission: Aginia by johnbecaro P Commission: Wildclaw by johnbecaro P Commission: TYRA by johnbecaro P Commission: Neela by johnbecaro Wolverine colored by johnbecaro Elektra colored by johnbecaro

Target Here are the terms and conditions of my service:

1. Please seek approval of your commission from me first  before you pay me.
2. Please make sure you have read all the contents of this terms and conditions.
3. The working period and turn around period will start around December 10, 2015 to July 10, 2015. This is a promotional commission and the ETA is 6
   months longer than regular commissions. This is in   order not to create a hindrance on my existing projects as well  as  giving more ample time for the quality for each        artwork.
4. The list will not be in order because it will depend  on the characters (complexity and details) and for me to avoid being burnt  out from   "status inquiries".
5. 1-6 artworks only per person/slot.This is to give way to others.
6. Please do not demand my time to immediately respond if its nothing of importance  related to your  commission.

7. Important: Please do not deprived me from earning a decent living

     by comparing the completion  of your purchased commission  to other commissions who was    completed and posted in  my gallery way before    you realized they were completed or paid before

     you were  listed.  Sometimes, I am needing more time to be inspired on  certain artworks, It   assures  my quality work.

8. Important: If your slot is approved and already paid:

     Any Commission updates inquiry and correspondences shall be done STRICTLY via notes only or emails. This is to avoid violating the provisions that is stated
      on TOR #7.

9. Perils are allowed as long as it still fits with the similarity of the  samples given. No display of sexual organs, nudity can be discussed though.
10.  Concept Art, or any characters without existing designs for reference  is allowed. Provided you will be charged of extra $15.
11. Characters that needs to have an exact similarity on real persons or a "portraiture" type of design is allowed. Provided you will be charged of $20. This type of artworks requires me a lot of time.
12. Adjustments and Editing on the artworks are allowed until the client  is satisfied with the output. However, you will need to give me specific  guidance and more time on how to nail it.
13. Original characters are very welcome. You will have a complete permission on using it to anywhere you wish may it be profitable or not.
14.  Status and Work Progress will be posted bi- weekly or anytime I can.
15.  Please see my Work process below this journal, so that you may have an idea how  this artworks  went through before           completed.

Target What I will need from you:

1.  Please include "$25Promo" as your subject on your deviantart notes or email for me to immediatelty track it.
2.  Any Brief Description/ Background info/ Personality   of the Character. (If Any)
3.  Any references/ pictures/ screenshots or links to    the character. (If any)
4.  Include your email address on your note or email  for Work in Progress reports.
5.  This is Preferably Upront Payment due to the   banking processes here in   the Philippines or  at least 1 week duration after             confirmation.

Target Percentage Completion is based alone from my own work processing (may vary from complexity of different artworks, but this is the usual percentage) .

for confirmation - unpaid or no details sent
processing -commission details encoded 
on-going- working in progress
10% -thumbnail studies
20% -actual size sketching
30% -pencilling (inking can be added here)
10% -scanning and digital preparation
10% -color flats
20% -Rendering colors
10% -finalization (digital lay-outs,quality checking, 
     edits/corrections, etc.) Bullet; Red
LadyDreamMaker Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This still open?
johnbecaro Featured By Owner Edited Apr 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yes. Please send me a note. :)
LadyDreamMaker Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Note send
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