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P Commission: Black Sting by johnbecaro
P Commission: Black Sting
Another One of the artworks that I wasn't able to post earlier since my old desktop died and I just recently recovered some of my lost files, mostly corrupted.

Promo Commission for : Lawrenzlano

Black Sting
Name: Helena Jordan

History: Helena was part of a scientific research team in the New Zealand jungles when dimensional creatures ambushed her team. Trapped and tortured by the creatures, the team was unable to escape but Helena used the venom of a deadly spider to kill one of her jailers and escape. Armed with her black sting venom, she was about to rescue her teammates when Avatar Prime showed up. 

She was relieved to see this powerful being come to her rescue but instead of assisting her, he gave life to a Redback spider tattoo on her back. The tattoo disappeared inside her and she was given its abilities. Avatar Prime told her to go rescue her teammates alone. After she rescued them, he offered her the chance to use her powers for Good and become part of Prime Force.

Powers: She can release a paralysing sting from her palms but a high dose will liquefy anyone's insides. She can also secrete sticky webbing from her fingertips to allow her to stick to walls or virtually any surface. Webbing is usually discharged from Black Sting's fingertips but she can discharge it from any part of her body.

Her suit is woven by producing webbing through her pores making it super resistant protection. While she is wearing it, the suit is bonded to her and can retain its properties indefinitely but once removed, it loses integrity within hours and dissolves. She also possesses super strength enabling her to lift 20 tons.

Nationality:  New Zealander

Black Sting, Prime Force and the GAIA FORCE,
you can now purchase the e-book of  

Grey Legacy [Kindle Edition]  :…

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Nicci :

Commission: NICCI by johnbecaro


Commission: Silverlance by johnbecaro


Commission NIGHT STORM by johnbecaro


Commission: Hartree by johnbecaro

Thank You very very much for all your greetings thorugh notes and comments today. I am overwhelmed and blessed.

It is very hard for a Digital Artist if Computer problems arises. We have to deal with viruses, malwares, spywares
and program errors in a daily basis. But the biggest problem would always be when a digital artist have no computer to use for
work anymore. Hardware malfunctions and damages are the biggest obstacle along the way like motherboard damage,
harddisk and RAM errors. Blue Screen of Death is also always our Nightmare. Imagine, it happened to me most of the
time. Mixed it with Life Complications like marital issues, fiscal crisis, health, disaster management and others. The result
will always be downward spiral, frustration and depression. I have been trough all of that and up to this moment , I 
am STILL paying so dearly.

Perhaps, my past decisions has been bad . I will review all of that, and I am learning a lot. My Life  has been in
constant struggle and my present is connected to my past.

I allowed myself to become a tool and not what I deserved to be, that's the sad realization every time my birth date
comes along. I become a shadow of my past self of temporary success and long time failure.

Freelancing has been hard for me, paying bills was haunting me weekly. And I have to look for immediate fund
to prevent my family from house eviction each time.  Living in a 3rd world country does not help at all. Maybe I have to 
re think if I can still survive from my sinking ship or gave another try? Or get back to corporate world ? My paradigm for
reality needs to be self evaluated. Nevertheless , Art is still and always my sanctuary. Freelance is a way.

One thing for sure, for the people who are close and knows me very well. I am not giving up. I will never gave up.
That means I have no where to go , except drawing. heh. I LOVE DRAWING! It's my Life.

I am saying this because it's my birthday and each time, I feel that I need to reaffirm my existence as an artist.

Thank you so much for supporting me and being patient to me, specially for those who I still owe artwork.
If only I could control the delays,  I would. But my life and health has been a constant mess. But I guarantee, I 
work hard. Really hard.

Today, I celebrated my birthday by producing this artwork:

Heroes of the Storm by johnbecaro

Done the grayscale around 3 days. The colors is around 20 hours with Adrenaline rush and the drive of challenge.
 This artwork is my first bday gift for myself. I have been longing
to draw Starcraft specially Kerrigan or Any Blizzard
Heroes. After so many technical problems 
and life up's and down, I am still here drawing. I'll post more artwork in my gallery
The 4days work for this was a good tune up for me and my new motherboard. It went well as well. Also
 I did a livestream of the graycale work here:…

Thank you very much again for understanding me. I want you to know that I appreciate you a lot
and I will continue to live. No matter what. For Art. For my family.
Heroes of the Storm Grayscale art by johnbecaro
Heroes of the Storm Grayscale art
The Grayscale line art for my Heroes of Storm entry:

Heroes of the Storm by johnbecaro

Done the grayscale around 3 days. The colors is around 20 hours with Adrenaline rush
and the drive of challenge. This artwork is my first bday gift for myself. I have been longing
to draw Starcraft specially Kerrigan or Any Blizzard Heroes. After so many technical problems
and life up's and down, I am still here, drawing. I'll post more artwork in my gallery soon.
The 4days work for this was a good tune up for me and my new motherboard. It went well
as well. Also I did a livestream of this graycale work here:…
Heroes of the Storm by johnbecaro
Heroes of the Storm
"You can't stop me from opening the gate of my legion, Sylvanas. You will all perished and all the worlds shall be mine"- Kerrigan

Heroes of the Storm Grayscale art by johnbecaro

Rate AVENGERS: Age of Ultron . 10 as the highest, 1 as the lowest and Why? NO SPOILERS Please (comment will be deleted) 

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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I was a graduate of Bachelor Of Fine Arts Major in Advertising in La Consolacion College- Bacolod (2002). I work fulltime as a Graphics Artist in a certain well-known Sports Equipment Dealer.After Office, I work as a freelance Illustrator / comics or concept artist. But most of the time, I accept Commissions via monthly pre-order listing here in Deviant Art.I already worked with several small press publications locally and abroad and were able to design several characters for comics, books and games.

I am also a professional advertising practitioner and strategist. I do the following specific task: 1. Concept art and Digital Illustrations for games, videos, films, books and comics2. Print ad Design which includes newspapers, magazine, books and comics. 3. Business Card design 4.Banner Ad , Poster and Billboard Ads Designs.5. Logo and Mascot designs. 5. Corporate Presentation Design6. Audio and Video Editing7. Other Multimedia needed for business and corporate affairs

Oddly enough, I am also a part time dance choreographer for hiphop , jazz, festival dances and several creative dancing as an extension of my creative endeavors.

But most importantly Im addicted to drawing.

Current Age: 30, Current Residence: Pasig City, Favourite genre of music: rock, tribal, lovesongs, hiphop, hardcore, Favourite style of art: digital painting/comics art, Operating System: Windows, Wallpaper of choice: Digital artworks, Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Personal Quote: AAAAAAARRRRGHHHHH1

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proceed to my facebook page

I specifically created the page to my fans who always have more time spending in facebook than deviantart. The Fan page will still be catching up from my previous works but will be updated with contents not posted in my deviantart, Im still contemplating to merge all my art blogs and concentrate more on the facebook updates for a while.



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